Shuffly love songs

My current favourite pseudo-genre includes but isn’t limited to the following artists/tracks:

Morgan Geist / Erlend Oye ‘Lullaby / A Place in My Heart’
David Sugar ‘Although You May Laugh’
Kevin Drew ‘TBTF’
Friendly Fires ‘Strobe’
The xx ‘VCR’
NewVillager ‘Genghis On’ 

Shuffly love songs are the ones on your iPod that gently jostle you into a wistful sort of mood without you noticing. So you might find yourself running your fingers along railings, balancing one foot after the other on the kerb and walking home in the pouring rain without an umbrella. Basically anything that to an outside observer makes you look a little tapped but through the glaze of a shuffly love song seems like the most romantic thing in the world.


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