Radio mum and dad

Some artists occupy an irreplaceable space in your heart without you realising it. Music your folks used to dance round the living room to while you screwed up your face in embarrassment on the sofa. Songs that take you right back to the days of just-ten-more-minutes before bed. 

There are so many amazing ways to discover and connect to music these days but the records of your childhood have the ability to reconnect you. They possess a time-travelling power that reunites you with moments, feelings and places your mind had previously lost down the back of the sofa sometime in 1989.

Listening to radio sent me on this musical memory trip. Strong female singers like Alison Moyet, Joni Mitchell, Chrissie Hynde and Tracy Chapman were a big presence in our living room. That’s my mum and dad bopping in the corner…

The Pretenders ‘Don’t Get Me Wrong’
Joni Mitchell ‘Come In From The Cold’
The Communards ‘Don’t Leave Me This Way’
Thompson Twins ‘Hold Me Now’
Suzanne Vega ‘Marlene On The Wall’
Erasure ‘A Little Respect’
Alison Moyet ‘Weak In The Presence Of Beauty’
Joni Mitchell ‘My Secret Place’
Tanita Tikaram ‘Good Tradition’


3 thoughts on “Radio mum and dad

  1. mine are

    the times they are a’ changing – nina simone
    just like tom thumb’s blues – nina simone
    just like a woman – nina simone
    to love somebody – nina simone
    you got it – roy orbison
    pretty woman – roy orbison
    tomorrow night – bob dylan
    constant craving – kd lang
    I was born to fight – tracy chapman
    sugar (that sugar baby o’ mine) – billie holiday
    you go to my head – billie holiday
    sweet thing – van morrisson

    • Tanita Tikaram ‘Good Tradition’ – my friend’s mum used to play this all the time. I thought it was the absolute cutting edge of cool (Yes, I know. In my defence, I’d been raised on a diet of classical music)

  2. Yes, let’s go back, back into time. I need to add Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Eurythmics to my list too.

    I am very grateful for embarrassing parents. My love of music grew from their jubilant dancing round the sofa.

    Ryan: Tracy, Nina and kd. Whoa yeah.
    Alice: Tanita was absolutely the cutting edge of cool.

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