Selective attention span

So I tried to watch telly last night but it didn’t work. Not the TV. Me. I haven’t been able to sit down and watch anything for weeks. Either there’s nothing on or the adverts get me shouty. (Germaine Greer and Stephen Hawking telling me to start a savings account.) The only programme I’ve watched from start to finish in the last month was about a posh girl who travelled to Siberia to live with a ragtag bunch of horse farmers. She ate horse meat and skinned a wolf. It was much better than it sounds. And that’s coming from a lifelong vegetarian.

Anyway, while it seems I have no attention span for television, giving the 100+ acts who’ll be playing at Glasgow’s inaugural Hinterland Festival a listen was an altogether more diverting experience. My ears may have overheated (they are still bright pink) but it’s all in a good cause. There is much to get excited about.

Here’s who I’ll be dashing through Glaswegian streets to see at the end of the month:

Two Door Cinema Club – masters of under-3-mins-a-go feel-good indie-pop.
Three Trapped Tigers – utterly captivating instrumental outfit produced by Gordon Raphael (he of Strokes glory).
Rustie – cheeky bleepy Glasgow-based whippersnapper recently signed to Warp.
thecocknbullkid – global pop goddess in the making. 
The Invisible – ‘London Girl’ won’t get out of my head. Not a problem.
We Have Band – a no-brainer. I love ’em.
Plugs – ‘All Them Witches’ is irresistibly shoulder shaky. 
Remember Remember – lush instrumentals like ‘The Dancing’ make me happy.
Primary1 – signed to 50 Bones, check the ace collaboration with The Shoes.
Trailer Trash Traceys – there’s something David Lynch-y about these guys. I like.
Tommy Reilly – ‘Gimme A Call’ is just lovely.

And I haven’t even mentioned The Fall, Simian Mobile Disco, Metronomy, This Will Destroy You, The Blessings, Galchen, Wet Paint or the culinary greatness of Dante Fried Chicken.

Oh I do love a good festival.


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