Good things come in threes

They do you know. Last week I was mostly loving this motley trio:

Blue Roses has a jaw-droppingly beautiful voice, a talent for conjuring up worlds and refreshing vitality about her. I caught her in-store at Pure Groove last Tuesday and was blown away. She told me about her love of sad songs and the making of her debut album in this interview for Dummy mag.

We went, we danced, we got £2.60 taxis. Hinterland was a lot of fun despite the promoters seemingly forgetting to tell Glasgow they were hosting a festival in their fine city. Enjoyed seeing Siren, Sirens (‘Fate Appears’ is aural crack) and leaping about at the 50 Bones party. I ramble on about more musical highlights here.

Bank holiday Sunday was all about pretending not to be nearly 30 at Bugged Out. All very easy when you’re dancing to Stopmakingme. One helluva talented DJ. Awesome.


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