Dancing in the chalet

Today is ATP day. Actually it’s ATP weekend. I am very excited. I have been awake since 6am. It feels like Christmas. I am nearly 30. Will I ever grow up? Hope not.

I am looking forward to pretending to be a student again (shared accommodation! excessive drinking! questionable hygiene!), sandy fish and chips on the beach, free movies (lots of old favourites: Hedwig And The Angry Itch, Shortbus, All About Eve, Silence of the Lambs), dancing in the late night pubs and a whole heap of bloody good music.

Top of my must-see list: 

The Breeders – hats off to them for brilliantly curated weekend
Holy Fuck – love ‘Jungles’, will be interviewing them for Dummy
Bon Iver – ‘Lump Sum’ is like Prozac
Gang of Four – Is It Love? I hope so
Foals – brilliant live, always get me doing that jerky dancing thing
CSS – can’t wait to see that catsuit in person (on person?) 


Lots of other bands I’m not cool enough to have heard of. I love that stumbling from venue to venue, bumbling into new bands and sounds. Ooo it’s gonna be a glorious weekend…


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