Four things that made me feel alive this weekend

1) Mad Decent at Bugged Out: A thousand or so kids leaping about in a warehouse to Diplo, Fake Blood and Skream. So much energy, a total blast.

2) Clive James on writing: “The only thing I have got better at as the years have gone by is I’ve grown more resigned to the fact that it comes hard. You realise that hesitation and frustration and waiting are part of the process, and you don’t panic. I get a lot better at not panicking.” Read article.

3) Tracey Emin on drawing: “They were made for me, trying to deal with something going on in my mind. And that’s the beautiful thing about drawing: it’s intimate, like handwriting, and the dialogue is between the paper and me.” Read article.

4) Wide open windows: at the Commercial Tavern on Sunday afternoon with friends and now at home, with dusk and warm-rain scented air filtering through.


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