Three songs

Oh what a lovely weekend, huh? I spent Saturday remembering how much fun bike rides are and getting rather red faced in the process. Note to self: wear a vest next time. The cycling helmet ‘n’ sweat patches look is not one that be hitting the catwalks any time soon.

Anyhoo, the weekend’s sunniness is almost certainly the result of  Thursday evening at Pure Groove. It was the second You The DJ party thrown by Alex from Lost In Paris. The premise: bring your three favourite records and play them. How much fun? Oodles.

After much deliberation, my three were:

Stevie Wonder ‘Higher Ground’
Neneh Cherry ‘Buffalo Stance’
Queen + David Bowie ‘Under Pressure’ 

Other (You The) DJs played Soft Cell, Bruce Springsteen and La Roux. Already thinking ’bout the next three. Definitely Talking Heads ‘Burning Down The House’, almost certainly Depeche Mode ‘Enjoy The Silence’. And what else? Hmmm.


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