Listening again

Being a grown up is not all it’s cracked up to be. Is it cracked up to be anything? It certainly feels cracky. I’m falling through them all the time. (Please retch at this goop. I just did.)

Music is my filter. It helps put things in perspective – reframes emotions, clarifies thoughts, untangles feelings. ‘Oh…so that’s what that was all about.’ I had a particularly grown up thought yesterday: sometimes the person that makes you happiest can never make you happy. This isn’t a sad thing. It’s just a thing. 

When I put my headphones on, get in the bubble, I have a safety net. Nothing can touch me. I can walk through the madness unscathed. The grit floats past. Today that safety net has been Au Revoir Simone. I hadn’t properly listened to Still Night, Still Light until today. Sometimes you need to wait until the right time to really hear things. I heard them today.


2 thoughts on “Listening again

  1. I’d just like to say while I remember that two of my favourite songs recorded in the 1980s are Soul in Isolation by the Chameleons and Sinful by Pete Wylie.

    Always love your blog. Thank you.

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