3 good things

It’s been a big week. Lots of stuff happened. Decisons, dancing and, oh, I can’t think of another thing beginning with d. You get the idea. These are my three highlights.

1) Field Day / Cable afterparty. The rain couldn’t, erm, rain on my parade. Plugs set the tone for a day of rambling around Victoria Park with friends clutching cans of cider. The xx made me weep then Skull Juice, Aeroplane, Erol and Casper C made my head go all funny at the Cable afterparty. Beyond words good. Best dance I’ve had in a hell of a long time. Very special and just what I needed. You can check out pics of the party people  on Dummy.

2) Primary 1. I first caught Primary 1 at Glasgow’s Hinterland festival. He makes intelligent pop that talks to your head as well as your body. A jolly nice fella and probably the most reluctant pop-star-in-the-making I’ve ever met. You can read my interview with him for Dummy here.

3) Beautiful Losers. This came out last year I think but I just watched it last night at the ICA. Phenomenally inspiring in a totally un-wanky way. It’s a documentary about a group of artists, film makers and graffiti kids including Margaret Kilgallen, Harmony Korine and Mike Mills who partied together, dreamed big and refused to stop doing what they loved. Fuck conforming, make stuff and find another way of living in this world instead. Find out more about the film here.


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