Gimme one moment in time

Time is a funny old thing. If you ever get the chance, I thoroughly recommend Pip Pip: A Sideways Look At Time by Jay Griffiths. Very good book. Anyway. I mention this because before I get ready for NYE fun I feel compelled to jot down the things that made this decade the one in which I truly fell head over heels for music. I mean, really, tomorrow is just another day. But then on the other hand, today is the end of the era annoyingly dubbed the ‘noughties’. Which is as good as reason as any to get in a reflective kind of mood. And yeah, I just wanted to drop on the list bandwagon too.

These are the music-related moments/events that made my decade:

Back to Basics, Technique & Bugged Out, various nights: 1998-2004

Jockey Slut

Leeds Student Radio: Summer 2002

Earth Wind & Fire at Hammersmith Apollo: March 2004

Joe Zawinul at Ronnie Scott’s: May 2004

Depeche Mode at Manchester MEN Arena: March 2006

All Tomorrow’s Parties: 2006 & 2009

The end of The End: a sad day in January 2009

Dummy: relaunched February 2009…4eva


2 thoughts on “Gimme one moment in time

  1. Earth Wind and Fire! Wooh!

    What a randy band.

    I am grateful for this space to think of my decade, thank you!

    In 2000 I queued in a Virgin Magastore to get the All Saints to sign a CD. I brought my friend Harry who got them to sign an A-Team DVD, and Shaznay said ‘Does that make me Mr T.?’ Afterwards, Harry wished he had replied ‘Yes, because you’re the one with the talent.’ Or maybe he actually said that.

    What was 2001 all about?

    R&B, duh. I sang along to Sugababes in G.A.Y. at The Astoria and Siobhan smiled at me. The club we all went to was called Funkin’ Pussy.

    Or maybe that was 2002…

    The facts inform us that Fisherspooner EMERGE was released in 2002 so let it retroactively symbolise my musical EMERGEnce…

    because really it was all about 2003/4. What a year/lifetime. My band was sma5h TV, later to become The Kill for Kicks, later to become K-Tron and the exploding triangles. Too many sma5h TV moments to mention, but dancing backstage waiting for them to follow a minor, inferior band called The Libertines at The Rhythm Factory was fun. I adored The Fucks in Goldsmiths Union and, was it The Metro Bar? Also briefly met Amy Winehouse during this period. She touched my chest and told me I should wear more clothes. I introduced her to Harry and left him chatting to her but it turned out he thought I was taking the piss. It wasn’t until the morning after he realised it wasn’t someone who just looked a bit like her, it was her. I had fun watching Ash play their greatest hits at Frog in Astoria, and LadyFuzz play a stormin’ aftergig in the bar. I saw many bands that were great and I have forgotten. Sadly I only remember the ones who were already big or became known, but I did enjoy going on my own to see The Cribs support The Futureheads in The Garage, although that was probably 2005.

    2005 was my first and last Glastonbury. A big music moment there was seeing Pete Docherty and Kate Moss glide by with their entourage while I was on ‘shrooms, but the best of the fest was The Kill For Kicks in The Chapel, where I threw my pants on stage.

    2006/7 – the flawless Antony and the Johnsons at The Barbican. Lying on my bedsit bed listening through headphones to Kate Bush’s first single in over a decade, the beautiful King of the Mountain. Justin Bond’s cover was glorious. I saw him in that big house in Deptford in ’06 and again in ’08 at Gay Shame in the Coronet. Sioxsie at Shepherd’s Bush empire was fab, almost as good as Marianne Faithful at the Barbican a few years earlier. Kate Nash was fun at the Old Blue Last, and we got the pantomime version when we saw Lily Allen at a festival in Tennessee.

    Oh it’s only the big names I remember! A curse on me. Taylor Mac at Royal Vauxhall Tavern. Selfish Cunt and Peaches, though never saw them live.

    Have I seen The Gossip live? No, sadly, nor the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but Beth Ditto gave us a 10/10 for ‘walking’ at the B.A.D ball in the Royal Opera house in 2009.

    Oh this is too hard and frustrating! I am particularly concerned I’ve forgotten the best moments. Not even mentioning all the old music that weaved its way back in. But it’s nice to remember so many!

    Ruthie moving in. That’s my musical moment of the decade. That and Hedwig & The Angry Inch.

  2. Ryan! Wonderful memories. Thank you! Now I want to ramble on about mine. I’ll save them for another day. But I will say, yes – Hedwig & The Angry Inch is added to my list too xxx

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