So much of modern life is about goals. Plans. Aims. Ambitions. What do you want to do? Who do you want to be? Where are you going? A daily existence focused on arrivals, end results, climbing up. But the real pleasure, the true joy of life is transient. All those clichés about the little things, smelling the roses, living for the moment. They’re all true. And that’s the power of music. Each song, each perfect composition, each finite arrangement of beats, chords, sounds, pauses and words (or no words) allow you to simply be in that moment. Whatever it makes you feel, however it makes you see things, listening in that moment slams the breaks on time for the duration of the song. And actually, forever – because what you’re left with is a memory. An imprint on your mind, an ache in your heart and a stir in your soul. I don’t care that that sounds corny. It’s how I feel. And all those memories dot to dot, infusing the next moment with greater resonance. Course it’s not just music that makes moments but it’s through music that those moments are elevated, venerated and remembered, gifting us with the opportunity to return and re-return to relive them. Moments live on. That’s why I love music, in a not so simple nutshell.


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